We Were Attacked, Quite Harshly, But All is Well

Hey Everyone,

My apologies for the lack of updates to the PostMovie homepage over the past two weeks. What happened was… someone or some thing took it upon themselves to hack and attack our site. And man, was it problematic.

After a lot of rigmarole, I can, with great relief, report that all is well. The dastardly infiltrator’s garbage has been taken to the dump and PostMovie is safe. Now all I have to do is rectify the situation with Google to be sure the site doesn’t appear with a warning, and all will be back to where things were two weeks ago.

Episodes 107 – 110, plus Extra Features 16, are alive and well and living here: http://journalist.libsyn.com

You know, it kinda feels like we built a sandcastle here and someone came along and tried to knock it down. But John and I are good to go.

Thanks for hanging in there with us! And thanks for listening!

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