The Cool About: Space Battleship Yamato on Blu-ray


Giant Ape Media, Funimation’s live action features distribution entity, has Space Battleship Yamato set for release on Tuesday, April 27th. This, I believe, is the title’s first Region 1 release, as it has been available in other regions for quite some time. Nevertheless, the disc features a curious set of supplements. And, most cool of all, Funimation’s first-rate transfer and voice over performances.

First, the audio situation. The disc features the original 5.1 Japanese sound track. The new deal is Funimation’s 5.1 English dub, which, as fans of Funimation’s discs know, is a performance unto itself, and seamlessly interlaced with the films’ original music and sound effects.

Secondly, here’s the deal about the supplements. Beyond the News Flashes and Premiere Announcements, which both last only a minute or two and aren’t really more than commercials, there’s…

  • Space Battleship Yamato Previsualization – This supplement runs around 27-minutes. It’s a collection of visuals showing special effects shots with their elements striped away, then re-stacked within the scene creating the final shot.
  • VFX ‘Making Of’ – This supplement, which runs maybe 2-minutes, is essentially a clip of an early battle scene that, like Space Battleship Yamato Previsualization, animatedly strips away then re-stacks FX from the scene.
  • Local Yamato – Here the digital Yamato is superimposed over various cities, including Tokyo and Nagano, so as to arrive for its roadshow engagement. What’s cool is the Yamato is inserted into videos of the cities as it would appear in scale, essentially dwarfing everything around it.

If you need any reason apart from these to see Space Battleship Yamato on Blu-ray, simply do it for the visual effects. You have to see it for this reason alone. In HD Blu, the detail is astonishing.

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