#111 – TORA! TORA! TORA! on Blu-ray, THE LADY VANISHES and more!

Felt strange being away from the podcast for two weeks. I guess because when one gets into the habit of things – and successful podcasting is also about creating a good habit of recording regularly – it becomes a part of their life. It was almost uncomfortable not having the podcast as a part of my life for a little while. But we’re back in the swing of things this week. Safe and sound and in front of the microphones. It’s good to be home.

Oh, the movies we’ve seen. Bleary eyed are we. And from a great and sometimes wonderful hoarde of discs, John and I discuss the following new Blu-ray and DVD releases…

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s later British films, 1938‘s The Lady Vanishes, starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave, has been (thankfully) restored and released by The Criterion Collection. Among the disc’s special features is the 1941 film Crooks Tour, featuring Basil Radford and Nauton Wayne as gadflys Charters and Caldicott, their characters from The Lady Vanishes.

Director Craig Gillespie’s remake of Fright Night, starring Anton Yelchin and Colin Farrell. I’ve said it before: Colin Farrell’s performance as Jerry Dandrich, the friendly and then not so friendly vampire next door, is worthy of a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Oscar, Golden Globe, whichever. Of course there’s no chance in hell that’ll happen.

Ernst Lubitsch’s 1933 film Design for Living, starring Frederic March, Gary Cooper and Miriam Hopkins, also new from The Criterion Collection.

20th Century Fox completely overhauled their 1970 World War II epic Tora! Tora! Tora! and didn’t tell many people about it. You can find out more about the restoration here. I don’t understand why Fox Home Entertainment didn’t sell this new Blu-ray as being a restoration, as something that has to be seen even if you’ve owned any of the prior, low-def video releases. You’d think they’d want to promote the newness of it.

We also discuss The Help, one of this year’s likely Oscar contenders…

Todd  Hayne’s 1998 film Velet Goldmine, which gets a glam-o-riffic upgrade to Blu-ray…

The Austrailian TV series Underbelly: The Trilogy

And, for all its Extra Features glory, The Simpsons: The Complete Fourteenth Season

Click on the media player below and enjoy they show!


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