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Scream! Factory to Release ‘Stigmata,’ ‘Food of the Gods,’ ‘Frogs’ and More


In a surprise announcement via their Facebook page, Scream Factory revealed that they will release the 1999 film Stigmata on Blu-ray. The disc will be available on May 12th.

No information about the disc’s bonus features have been announced. However, the company stated that…

… you can expect most (if not all) extras that were on the prior 2000 MGM DVD release to be ported over. We will keep you posted closer to street date. Pre-order links will go up next month.”

In addition to Stigmata, Scream Factory revealed the cover art and announced the release dates for two more Blu-ray double features: Food of the Gods / Frogs and Empire of the Ants / Jaws of Statan. Both discs will be available on May 26th.