Olive Films to Release Roy Scheider’s ‘Night Game’ on Blu-ray


Olive Films has announced they will release Roy Scheider’s 1989 serial killer flick Night Game on Blu-ray on March 24th. As of yet, no details are available regarding the disc’s special features.

You can pre-order the disc at: OliveFilms.com


Directed by: Peter Masterson (Blood Red, Full Moon in Blue Water)
Written by: Spencer Eastman (Hide in Plain Sight) and Anthony Palmer
Based on a Story by: Spencer Eastman
Cast: Roy Scheider (The French Connection, Sorcerer), Lane Smith (Red Dawn, The Mighty Ducks), Karen Young (9 ½ Weeks, The Sopranos) and Richard Bradford (The Untouchables)

Summary: It’s a game of cat and mouse for Roy Scheider in Night Game. Cast as Mike Seaver, a Galveston police detective, Scheider’s in hot pursuit of serial killer terrorizing the city. When a string of murders is linked to night baseball games at the Astrodome, it’s Seaver (a former minor league player) pulling together clues and racing against time to prevent yet another murder.

Rated: R
Runtime: 95 minutes
Year Filmed: 1989
Screen: 1.85:1; Color

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