Independent Film Festival Boston: Episode #7 – ‘Life 2.0,’ ‘Lemmy,’ ‘Teenage Paparazzo’ and More

You need the right fuel to meet the raging torrent of films that the Independent Film Festival offers and Steve and John place it all in perspective right off the bat with a review of the local coffee and how to work the festival system so you don’t have to wait in long lines with a cold cup of the wrong brew in your hand.

In this show the guys review Teenage Paparazzo, a documentary about a 13 year old paparazzi, Lemmy a year in the life of Lemmy Kilmister, the founder of Motorhead and Life 2.0, which follows the real-world and virtual lives of people who are members of Second Life, the online world where you can choose to be anyone at all.

You can download the show or play now in your browser.

The total running time is 27:12.


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