Since the inception of DVDs more than a dozen years ago, home video Special Features – those wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful “extras” which can validate purchasing the movie after you’ve seen it at the theater three months prior – have greatly improved in style and content. Case in point: The special features on Paramount’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Blu-ray are state of the art. Tops not only in content, but in menu presentation. The team that put together the disc clearly had its menus in mind while Ghost Protocol was being filmed.

On this episode, John and I get to talking about the Ghost Protocol disc, as well as the impressive We Bought a Zoo Blu-ray, which has a couple neat special features from Cameron Crowe and Co.

We also discuss the new titles: Kate & Leopold: The Director’s Cut (a fine film and a guilty pleasure, and I’ll stand by that); The Witches of Oz; Conversation Piece (starring Burt Lancaster); The Siege of Firebase Gloria (from 20th Century Fox’s video on demand); the French film The Conquest; Timur Bekmambetov’s The Darkest Hour on 3D Blu-ray; Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous and The Marvel 3-Movie Collection (Thor, Hulk and Dr. Strange) and The Marvel Movie Collection: Ultimate Avengers – both from Lionsgate Home Video.

Click on the media player below and enjoy the show!


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