#82 – Sorta shooting down COWBOYS & ALIENS

Continuing our weekly adventures in moviegoing…

I explain how I hurt myself entering AMC Lowes Boston Common, and how I didn’t have the guts to tell two very large black fellas to stop talking during our screening of Cowboys & Aliens; John explains why he walked out of a press screening of The Smurfs, then reconsidered; and, before we get into our film discussion, we make a promise to you to improve the audio quality of the podcast.

In making these recordings we wanted convenience and ambiance (plus we’re usually in better moods after eating), so we took to recording episodes in a restaurant. But I can’t deal with some of the background noises, in particular… babies crying. (Parents, I respect you, but I’d have the utmost respect if you can keep your kid quiet. Enough with letting them cry in a restaurant!) The best way for us to avoid this, of course, is to no longer record our episodes in a restaurant. So we pledge to you, within this month of August we will have a better sounding PMP. New recording equipment is on the way, thankfully – microphones, a mixer, etc. Thanks for sticking with us through our growing pains. Birthing hurts, you know?

In this episode, we sorta shoot down Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens

Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig in director Jon Favreau's 'Cowboys & Aliens.'

We disagree over the comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. John digs it. I don’t.

Gorgeous, no? Ryan Gosling as Jacob in Warner Bros.' 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.'

And we discuss our home video picks of the week: Donnie Darko: The 10th Anniversary Edition

'Donnie Darko: The 10th Anniversary Edition' Blu-ray/DVD combo set.

Kes, Ken Loach’s understated adaptation of author Barry Hines’ Kestrel for a Naive

'Kes' (1970) is now on Blu-ray and DVD from The Criterion Collection.

And the Spanish horror flick [Rec] 2…

Those nosy kids. They've no idea what they're really in for. 'Rec 2' is now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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