#77 – GREEN LANTERN takes one for the team

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan as 'The Green Lantern' is as convoluted as as it gets, but we suppose it could be worse.

They tried. They really, really tried. But… well… we now attempt to explain all that is wrong (and right – cuz there is some good stuff!) about Green Lantern.

Bob Chipman (a.k.a. MovieBob and The Game Overthinker, and contributor to Escapist Magazine) joins John and me again to try and figure out this whole Green Lantern thing. We also apply the same general bewilderment to the new Jim Carey comedy Mr. Popper’s Penguins. It’s basically 135-minutes of “What the hell were they thinking?” So join us, won’t you?

Moving on to our home video picks of the week, we discuss the film Milos Forman shouldn’t have directed – Hair (1979)…

Treat Williams (center) and troupe in 'Hair' (1979).

Then we move on to the Criterion Collection’s release of Nicolas Roeg’s 1985 film Insignificance

Cover artwork for the Criterion Collections' release of Nicholas Roeg's 1985 film 'Insignificance.'

Bob invites you all to see God of Vampires which is now playing on Netflix Instant

It's all fun and games before dinner in 'God of Vampires.'

And John and I delve into Funimation‘s release of Dance in the Vampires Bund.

Funimation's new Blu-ray/DVD combo box set for director Akiyuki Shinbo's adaption of Nozomu Tamaki's 'Dance in the Vampire Bund.' (Click on the image to view the back of the box.)

This episode was recorded at Panera Bread in Brookline, MA, directly across the street from the Coolidge Corner Theater. We tried to find a quiet spot to record. Our apologies for any obtrusive background noise.

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