Possessed mother-to-be, Rosaria (Marta Gastina), in Warner Bros.' 'The Rite.'

Joining John and me this week is Boston Phoenix film critic and Albany Times-Union blogger Peg Aloi. Our objective: discuss the new Anthony Hopkins thriller The Rite and the Javier Bardem melodrama Biutiful. Then John and I discuss the Jason Statham/Ben Foster actioner The Mechanic – in which I (attempt to) explain The Mechanic‘s unintentional homoeroticism. Such fun.

We then offer our picks of the week. I recommend the new Blu-ray release of Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull. Peg says The Last Exorcism and the Red Riding Trilogy are worth your time. And John implores you to view Man in a Suitcase, which is also new to DVD.

We recorded live at Panera Bread, next to the Regal Fenway 13 Theater in Boston.

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