112 is one of the rare episodes in which John and I generally liked all of the films we saw this week: The Joss Whedon-penned and produced Cabin in the Woods, director Joseph Kahn’s slasher comedy Detention, the Luc Besson-produced sci-fi actioner Lockout, and the Farrelly brothers’ up-chuck of The Three Stooges.

Actually, we loved Cabin in the Woods. It’s the one film you must see. I won’t get into spoiler territory (we do that in the episode), so you’ll have to trust us: See it! Don’t wait for video. See it in a theater!

Oh! And after you listen to 112, head on over to HorrorUnlimited.com’s Diabolique Radio Show and listen to my interview with Detention director Joseph Kahn. He’s a cinephile through and through. I think you’ll find him a kindred spirt.

As always, simply click on the image above or on the media player below and enjoy … well, as much as one is capable of enjoying an mp3 file. I mean, it is what it is: compressed data. But this compressed data is made with cinema-love, coffee and cranberry juice!


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