Hey all, Episode 111 is ready for your ears.

This one’s all about Wrath of the Titans, Mirror Mirror, and a little bit of The Raid: Redemption, which is now playing over at The Coolidge Corner Theatre.

What’s more, MovieBob (check out is blog at moviebob.blogspot.com) joins us for the conversation, which takes more than a few twists and turns.  For some reason, we kick things off talking about The Rock & John Cena’s showdown at Wrestlemania, and then get side-tracked with the following…

  • John recalls the unusual experience of interviewing wrestler Terry Funk
  • Will Farrell’s Anchorman 2 performance/announcement on Conan, at about 5 mins in.
  • The Twins sequel Triplets, at about 6 mins in. To which John says, “What a screaming car wreck, even before it goes before the cameras.” And Bob says, “The only person who’s too good for this movie at this point is Danny DeVito.”
  • The proposed Child’s Play reboot and sequel, at about 8 mins in.
  • Anthony Hopkin’s Magic, at about 9 mins in.
  • Our Man of Steel discussion detour, landing somewhere around 16 mins in.
  • The WWF, Warwick Davis-less Leprechaun remake, in the vicinity of 24 mins in.


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