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Colin Conners
Colin Conners is a film student at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. When he is not pontificating about the lingering aspects of German Expressionism he enjoys long walks on the beach and puppies. His aspirations include a membership in the DGA and a few finished screenplays. Recently, he started working in the industry and has been fortunate enough to be apart of the crew for the T.V movies Somebody's Child and The Sin Seer along with the upcoming features Max Steel and The Longest Ride.

Podcast #200 – ‘The Finest Hours,’ ‘The Naked Island,’ ‘Only Angels Have Wings’ and More!

Steve Head and John Black discuss the new theatrical, home video and film book releases… Twilight Time’s Cutter’s Way The Criterion Collection’s Only Angels Have Wings Howard Hawks: New Perspectives, edited by Ian Brooks The Criterion Collection’s The Naked Island ...

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