Stephen Slaughter Head (Editor) is also the host of the Diabolique Webcast at – His middle name, Slaughter, is really his middle name. No joke. He co-created the much loved movie news website IGN FilmForce (now IGN Movies), was a staff writer and content producer for IGN Entertainment (2000-08), and a writer for America Online, Netscape and He earned a B.A. in History from Providence College. And he helped make some movies, some of which are listed here.

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John Black (The Post-Movie Podcast Co-Host) thinks he has the best job in the world: He gets paid to go to the movies. When he’s not watching films, he works as the Entertainment Editor/Movie Reviewer for, and as a theater writer for AOL’s City Best: Boston. In his spare time, he writes the DVD a Day blog (

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John Humphrey (Writer) grew up in the Washington, D.C. area where he is a graduate of American University. His interest in art led him to continue his education at Rhode Island School of Design. Since 1987, John has lived in the beautiful coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina (home of EUE/Screen Gems Studios). John has held several creative positions in graphic design, advertising and publishing fields. He has also created illustrations for magazines, newspapers, children’s books, CDs and more. Following a long career in the publishing business, John’s love of film guided him to spend more than three years as assistant manager of a 16-plex, all-digital movie theater. He is currently working in the technology industry and pursuing an MBA in Marketing.

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